Webinar: Health Plan Transformation - Staying Competitive in a Changing Market

In 2018, health plans will be under continued pressure to stay competitive in the face of constantly changing market dynamics. To successfully compete, health plans must find innovative ways to transform operations: reduce costs, improve collaboration and decision-making across the enterprise and with providers, stay abreast of regulatory pressures and changing business models, all while striving to deliver the best possible experience for each plan member.

In this webinar recording, you will learn:

  • How the combination of people, process and technology is vital for success
  • What leading health plans are doing to innovate and transform
  • How next generation solutions are fundamental to agility and flexibility

Hear from two industry luminaries, William Copeland, Vice Chairman, US Life Sciences & Health Care Practice for Deloitte and Steve Krupa, Chief Executive Officer of HealthEdge as they share their experiences and guidance for health plans.

Presented by:

William Copeland,
Vice Chairman,
US Life Sciences & Health Care Practice,

Steve Krupa,
Chief Executive Officer,