HealthEdge Surpasses Six Million Lives Under Contract For The HealthRules Product Suite

Payors turning to HealthRules® in record numbers to help them address the fundamental regulatory economic and social changes in the healthcare market

Burlington, Mass. – April 7, 2014 – HealthEdge®, provider of the only integrated financial, administrative and clinical platform for healthcare payors, today announced that HealthEdge has reached an important milestone. The company now has over six million lives under contract for its HealthRules product suite. This exceptional growth is a direct result of payors switching from outdated legacy technology to the company’s next-generation platform as they work to address the evolving healthcare marketplace including healthcare reform, the shift to individual coverage and the need for internal and external transparency.

The HealthRules product suite replaces 20+ year-old legacy technologies that are reaching end of life. Built as a commercial software solution, HealthRules supports all of today’s healthcare business requirements. It enables payors to simultaneously reduce the time and cost associated with change and eliminate many of the complex, “satellite” systems that payors have attempted to use to make up for legacy system deficiencies in supporting new business models.

“The rapid adoption of the HealthRules product suite is further validation that payors are recognizing the need for modern, business-transforming technology to radically innovate and efficiently address the business imperatives of today’s healthcare economy,” said Rob Gillette, CEO of HealthEdge. “Reaching this significant milestone so quickly in our company’s history illustrates our ability to help payors adopt new standards, create a more efficient organization, participate in new business models and deploy initiatives to control chronic conditions and increase the quality of care.”

In addition to reaching the six million covered lives landmark, HealthEdge has:

  • Added two million lives under contract in 2013
  • Increased new employees by 42 percent in addition to those acquired during the 2012 acquisition of Click4Care
  • Invested 30 percent of revenue into R&D

The HealthRules product suite is the only system available that is configured using an English-like, healthcare-specific language. The patented HealthRules Language™ provides payors the ability to quickly and accurately configure nearly any benefit plan or provider contract that they can imagine in only hours or days, not the weeks or months often required when using other offerings. The language also provides unmatched transparency, as individuals in the payor organization are able to quickly and easily answer questions, and as those outside of the payor organization are able to receive accurate, real-time information that will help them to better play their roles in the overall healthcare delivery cycle.

About HealthEdge

HealthEdge® provides modern, disruptive technology that delivers for the first time, a suite of products that enables healthcare payors to leverage new business models, improve outcomes, drastically reduce administrative costs and connect everyone in the healthcare delivery cycle. Our next-generation enterprise product suite, HealthRules®, is built on modern, patented technology and is delivered to customers via the HealthEdge Cloud or on-site deployment. An award-winning company, HealthEdge empowers payors to capitalize on the innovations, challenges and opportunities that await in the new healthcare economy. For more information, visit