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Insights with Andy Slavitt

In a recent interview with HealthEdge, Andy Slavitt, former Acting Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in the Obama administration, shared unique insights about the healthcare industry. Since leaving Washington, DC earlier this year, Slavitt has been doing regular public speaking engagements, and has become a  senior adviser to the Bipartisan […]

Collaborative Design: A Recipe for Being Proactive

For the past two months, I have been interviewing many recent User Experience graduates and asking them one question in particular: “What is more important? Fixing the customer’s problem or creating a good customer experience?” I received many different answers. Some answers were brief, some were verbose. Some folks answered cogently, and some answered in tangents. […]

Key Takeaways from AHIP’s National Conferences on Medicare, Medicaid and Duals

Government programs are the fastest growing segment of the healthcare market.  According to CMS, Medicare has 57 million members, up 10% since 2013, including 38 million members in Original Medicare and 19 million members in Medicare Advantage.  Medicaid has 73 million members, up 27% since 2013 due to Medicaid expansion. Last week health plan executives, […]

Health Plans Must Communicate Differently With Members – Part I

There is widespread evidence that health plan members are expecting a delightful consumer experience from their health insurers. With the advent of more available choices and the introduction of individual coverage via the exchanges, health plan members are demanding that their experience be at least equivalent to other industries, such as retail, travel and banking. […]

Exploring Implications of the MACRA Rule with Health Plan Executives

In June, a select group of health plan executives and other healthcare leaders gathered for a roundtable discussion to share their perspectives on MACRA, the Medicare Access and CHIP (Childrens’ Health Insurance Program) Reauthorization Act, which was passed by Congress with extensive bipartisan support in April of 2015, and whose rule was issued by CMS […]

Guest Post: Digital Health: Top Performer For the Next Decade

It’s been another record raise for digital health companies in the first quarter of 2016: $1.8 billion in venture capital. It’s the latest sign that the convergence of healthcare with digital technology continues to demonstrate incredible potential. The continued funding surge is no fad, as it is becoming clear to VCs that digital health will emerge as a […]