Best Practices: COVID-19 Configuration Guidance for HealthRules Payor

The Edge Report: Best Practices: COVID-19 Configuration Guidance for HealthRules Payor

The international COVID-19 outbreak has introduced unforeseen changes and uncertainty to all parts of our lives. HealthEdge is taking the health of our employees, customers and communities seriously and like many other businesses across the country, we’ve told our staff to work from home exclusively and replace travel with virtual meetings to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. During this time, we’re committed to helping our customers run their business, and we are ready to assist in resolving real-time, business-critical challenges.

Stay Informed

For the latest in specific guidance for insurers around the COVID-19 pandemic from CMS, please click here. Consult with State insurance authorities for specific local guidance.

As Federal and state officials have recently announced guidance for health insurers around COVID-19 testing, we recognize that HealthEdge customers may need to enact policies that offer members relief from typical cost-sharing and/or authorization requirements. These may include waived co-payments for COVID-19 testing for Medicare beneficiaries, as well as specific state-based waivers.

To help our customers quickly react to these shifting governmental changes/requirements, HealthEdge has prepared a set of configuration best practices for HealthRules Payor to ensure that our customers can effectively address the needs of their members and providers during this time of crisis.

Customers may access the configuration recommendations via HealthEdge’s Customer Success Blog (login required).