Improving Care with Proven Methods of Member Engagement

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) have a significant impact on a person’s overall health. Payers and providers are coming to realize that they can manage risk with highly targeted intervention programs while reducing unnecessary care.

However, managing and predicting SDOH among members continues to be a top challenge among health plan leaders. Furthermore, in a recent survey of 3,000 consumers, when asked if a health insurance company, primary care physician, or a specialist directed them to a community resource to further support their care, 72% of consumers said no. Yet, for those who were referred to a service, 81% engaged with the treatment or resource once they knew it was available. Member engagement is key to addressing SDOH, but there is a communication breakdown.

Speed, efficiency, and access to real-time information are required for outreach to connect the right members, to the right treatment, at the right time. Users do not want to have to log into multiple different systems to gather the data they need.

Altruista Health is on a mission to help our customers positively impact members’ health by focusing on proven methods of increasing their engagement. Our open interface supports API-led connectivity and seamless integration with other tools and technology.

For example, we have analytics with the Chronic Illness and Disability Payment System (CDPS), a predictive risk model that analyzes diagnostic and pharmacy data to identify and group populations into more than 60 risk categories.

Our GuidingCare platform also integrates with Aunt Bertha and Healthify, the nation’s leading social services search- and- referral platforms that enable users to quickly access comprehensive, localized listings for hundreds of programs across the country.

Payers and providers are looking for technology solutions to make interacting and engaging with patients easier. Our goal is to make our solutions easy to use for everyone, no matter their experience level, so our customers can stay focused on their business and improving health outcomes for members.

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About the Author

Yvonne Sprenkle

Yvonne Sprenkle, Director of Product Management at Altruista Health, a HealthEdge Company

Yvonne Sprenkle joined Altrusita Health in 2013 and currently serves as the Director of Product Management under Bobby Sherwood. In this role she oversees product delivery for the product and design teams. A former mathematics instructor, Yvonne leverages her exensive background in healthcare analytics and statistics to enhance GuidingCare’s functionality to improve health outcomes for members.

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