Building Agile Operations, Adapting to an Uncertain Future of Care

Few if any of any of us were prepared - are prepared - for the incredible disruption and challenges COVID-19 has wrought upon the health industry, the economy and our way of doing business. While we speak exhaustingly and fervently about how we are leveraging innovative technologies, incorporating data transparency, and developing new care models, COVID-19 has shown we have yet to fully embrace what’s required to wholly support the future of health.

Health transformation requires all of us to proactively, not reactively, adopt innovative technologies, care models and care services so when the next unexpected health crisis comes along, we will be expecting it.

Listen to HealthEdge CEO, Steve Krupa, and former Gartner analyst and current forward-thinking healthcare expert, Constance Sjoquist in a “fireside chat.” This webinar is part of the Health Evolution Industry Solutions webinar series.