Hidden Gems

Configurability & Automation

Source enables health plans to configure provider contracts, no matter how complex, while minimizing the redundancy of setting up terms and rules. A single solution for both pricing and editing, handling all lines of business, and connecting all core claims platforms, Source significantly frees up valuable IT resources and improves accuracy. Alleviate the pain of disjointed legacy systems with a solution that can simplify the complexities of today’s claims with automated policy updates and unique customization.

Process Automation and Intelligent Workflow

Process automation and intelligent workflows can save payers time and money while bringing us closer to point-of-service payments.

Why Payers Need to Embrace Design

Payers are faced with challenges when it comes to keeping provider payments accurate. While the answer is multifaceted, embracing design as an approach to problem solving is a vital piece to maximizing payment accuracy.

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Regulatory Compliance

Achieve complete compliance with policy updates delivered automatically with a once every two-week update cycle.

IT Relief

As a cloud-based solution, Source delivers pricing, editing, and analytics with lower maintenance and improved security.