Hidden Gems

IT Relief

Source eliminates IT burden as a secure, cloud-based solution that provides updates automatically through our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery system. Our full-service model includes development and maintenance of all infrastructure and software code and deployment of software updates for production use without requiring any intervention from your IT department.

Cloud-based Data Delivery

Our healthcare process creates confusion and complexity from payer to provider, and eventually, to the patient. But what if patients could pay the correct amount with full transparency the moment a healthcare professional renders service?

Investing in Payment Accuracy

Health plans waste precious resources on fixing inaccurate payments due to the limitations of legacy claims systems, but innovative technology can alleviate this waste by creating an accurate and streamlined process.

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Configurability & Automation

Source enables health plans to have a single configurable solution for both pricing and editing.

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve complete compliance with policy updates delivered automatically with a once every two-week update cycle.