Hidden Gems

Regulatory Compliance

Source enables complete government compliance with first-pass payment accuracy. Benefit from our unique two-week update cycle, which delivers all CMS and Medicaid regulatory updates automatically by a team of Medicaid and Medicare experts. Remove the strain of manually loaded fee schedules and streamline your workflow.

Never Load a Fee Schedule Again

Fee schedules require constant, and often manual, maintenance. With technology to automate these processes, health plans not only save time, but ensure payments are accurate and not subject to human error.

Source Case Study: A Large, National Health Insurer

Read how a large national health insurer invested in payment integrity and saved millions of dollars annually.

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Configurability & Automation

Source enables health plans to have a single configurable solution for both pricing and editing.

IT Relief

As a cloud-based solution, Source delivers pricing, editing, and analytics with lower maintenance and improved security.