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Blog Post September 22, 2022
Trends for Open Enrollment 2022-2023: What Every Employer Needs to Know
Enrollment Trend Drivers 2023 Key drivers for open enrollment trends 2022-2023 include: The COVID-19 Pandemic Labor shortages Popularity of hybrid…
Blog Post September 20, 2022
Gartner Reports Next-Gen CAPS Technology Will Be Standard By 2024
Unlike legacy systems, Next-Gen CAPS like those offered by HealthEdge integrate seamlessly with third-party applications, offering more interoperable data and …
Blog Post September 13, 2022
Why Prospective Payment Integrity Solutions Are Must-Have Tech for Health Plans
What are Prospective Payment Integrity (PPI) solutions anyway?  PPI solutions enable health plans to proactively avoid paying claims improperly. T…
Blog Post September 08, 2022
Advancing Care Management Through Digital Transformation
Stuart Myer, Chief Information Officer, VillageCare, a community-based, not-for-profit organization in New York, recently joined HealthEdge leaders Christine D…
Blog Post September 06, 2022
5 Steps to E-Board Technology Investment Buy-In For Safety Net Health Plans
Leveraging his experiences as the Chief Information Officer at VillageCare, Stuart Myer discusses successfully attaining executive board buy-in for long-term t…
Blog Post September 01, 2022
The Return to Operational Efficiency
In 2022, HealthEdge once again commissioned an independent survey of health insurance executives to capture and monitor perspectives regarding current challeng…
Blog Post August 30, 2022
Contract Modeling: The Key to Fostering a Positive Health Plan-Provider Relationship
The ‘pay and chase’ model of reimbursement is prevalent in the health care industry. This means many health plans know and accept the fact that payments to pro…
Blog Post August 25, 2022
Taking Growth Into Your Own Hands
We all get the emails – mid-year check-in, annual reviews. These performance reviews are designed to help us continuously grow and develop throughout our caree…
Blog Post August 23, 2022
Big Changes in the Biggest Challenge Facing Health Plans Today
Managing costs and improving operational efficiencies jump to the top of the list in 2022 Health Plan Market Survey Every year, we conduct a survey of hund…
Blog Post August 18, 2022
Digital Transformation: Research Reveals It’s a Top Priority for Health Plan CEOs and CIOs This Year
Each year, HealthEdge surveys hundreds of health plan leaders to better understand the market’s top priorities and business challenges. This year’s study captu…
Blog Post August 16, 2022
Becoming a Digital Payer: Constantly Reducing Transaction Costs
HealthEdge has identified five key attributes that drive digital payers, enabling them to rise above the competition and lead the way to better outcomes across…
Blog Post August 11, 2022
Optimize Payment Accuracy with History-Based Editing
40-cents per professional claim. That’s the average savings payers generate after turning on a single feature in Source, HealthEdge’s payment integrity solutio…