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Blog Post January 14, 2022
What are the top features of optimal Medicaid payment technology?
Medicaid MCO claims management is complex and dynamic. The traditional approach to Medicaid payment policies and fee schedules is challenged by the increasing …
Blog Post January 11, 2022
6 Ways Technology Can Lighten Your Medicaid MCO Team’s Workload
According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, there are over 280 Medicaid Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) that provide comprehensive managed care for over 55 mi…
Blog Post January 07, 2022
7 Most Common Medicaid MCO Claims Management Risks
“Variability in Medicaid is the rule rather than the exception. States establish their own eligibility standards, benefit packages, provider payment policies, …
Blog Post January 04, 2022
Accelerating the Drive Toward Value-Based Care
Through value-based care arrangements, health insurance companies have the opportunity to share the burden of care delivery costs and rewards of high-quality c…
Blog Post December 29, 2021
Opportunity is the Name of the Game in Today’s Health Insurance Market
As the 2022 open enrollment period comes to a close, health insurance industry leaders are facing a year of unprecedented change. For some, these changes are b…
Blog Post December 27, 2021
The Digital Transformation Journey: Real-Time All of the Time
Batch processing of data has been the norm in the health insurance industry for decades. However, as the complexities and competition within the industry heat …
Blog Post December 22, 2021
The Foundation: End-to-end Business Automation
Health plans have historically struggled with high operational costs, often driven by a combination of complex business processes and manual-intensive workflow…
Blog Post December 20, 2021
New Year Brings Milestone Regulatory Changes To Payers, Providers, Members
Change is right around the corner for payers, providers and health plan members that affect cost-sharing and provider network directories. One of the most c…
Blog Post December 13, 2021
Healthcare Tech Execs Talk About Reimagining Care for Chronic Illnesses
In a recent interview, Stephen Krupa spoke with Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD, founder and CEO of Rimidi. Ide’s focus is on patients with chronic diseases. E…
Blog Post December 09, 2021
Composable Architecture: The Perspective of HealthEdge’s Chief Technology Officers
Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of stepping barefoot on a LEGO®? If you have, your first thought was probably something like AHHH! Not, ‘Wow! What…
Blog Post December 01, 2021
Shifting Regulatory Environment Calls for Vigilance
The machinery of the regulatory world grinds forward and compliance deadlines come and go. The ambitious interoperability and transparency regulations that are…
Blog Post November 18, 2021
Innovation at HealthEdge: Past and Future
The journey of transforming healthcare starts with innovation. At HealthEdge, customers can expect transformational business and IT solutions that drive superi…