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Blog Post August 12, 2020
How Successful Health Plans Transform Their Businesses
The health insurance industry is constantly evolving with the introduction of new regulations, the need to adopt value-based reimbursement (VBR) models, and ch…
Blog Post August 10, 2020
Speed to Market with New Business Models Drives Competitive Advantage
Health plans must add or expand new business models quickly to take advantage of opportunities, drive competitive advantage, and retain membership. All health …
Blog Post August 04, 2020
Getting Back to Care
Blog Post July 14, 2020
2020 AHIP Institute and Expo Key Takeaways
The AHIP Institute and Expo went completely virtual this year. Health plan executives from across the country participated in panel discussions, browsed virtua…
Blog Post June 30, 2020
Telehealth is Here to Stay, Healthcare Industry Sees Immense Value in Virtual Care
The COVID-19 pandemic forced the healthcare industry to adapt quickly, embrace change, and accelerate the adoption of telehealth practices for a variety of ser…
Blog Post June 18, 2020
How Our Approach to Developing New Products is Modernizing Our Industry
At HealthEdge, the voice of our customers drives our innovation. Listening to our customers' needs allows us to accelerate the delivery of valuable features an…
Blog Post June 03, 2020
Health Plans Caring for Their Communities
In the wake of the COVID-19, health plans across the country have had to respond to a multitude of ongoing changes in a short amount of time. Here are some exa…
Blog Post May 21, 2020
Postcard from Salem: We are Building a Diverse Organization, Are You Ready to Join?
Diversity and inclusion are essential components of HealthEdge’s recruitment and retention efforts. At HealthEdge, we see diversity is a competitive advantage …
Blog Post May 04, 2020
HealthEdge, Here for You - a Reliable Partner in Times of Disruption
With constant change in the healthcare sector, our customers have always relied on us to follow through, help them with opportunities and challenges, and deliv…
Blog Post March 20, 2020
Best Practices: COVID-19 Configuration Guidance for HealthRules Payor
The international COVID-19 outbreak has introduced unforeseen changes and uncertainty to all parts of our lives. HealthEdge is taking the health of our employe…
Blog Post March 18, 2020
Important Customer Update
HealthEdge’s Commitment to Customers  The international COVID-19 outbreak has introduced unforeseen changes and uncertainty to all parts of our lives. …
Blog Post March 04, 2020
Postcard from Dallas: What’s Setting Medicare Advantage Plans Apart
Changing CMS regulations, benefits and challenges of narrowing provider networks, tapping front-line staff to share the pulse on Medicare Advantage membership,…