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Blog Post June 07, 2021
Doing Well by Doing Good
HealthEdge CEO Steve Krupa and I both graduated from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Benjamin Franklin, who founded the institution that …
Blog Post June 02, 2021
Purpose-Driven Business Transformation
As a nurse, my passion and purpose have always been to make healthcare more accessible and improve the overall health of the communities I serve. And I know so…
Blog Post May 26, 2021
Want to Transform? Start with People, Process and Technology
When it comes to business transformation, the biggest roadblock is often resistance to change.  In a former role, prior to working at HealthEdge, I was…
Blog Post May 20, 2021
Increasing Membership is Top of Mind for Payers
HealthEdge, in partnership with independent market research firm Upwave, recently conducted a survey of more than 220 health plan executives across t…
Blog Post May 18, 2021
How Core Configuration Can Reduce a Health Plans PMPM
How many resources does it take to run the core configuration of your enterprise?  What type of custom external tools are required to build and maint…
Blog Post May 13, 2021
Regulatory Actions & Compliance Highlights Health Plans Need to Know
We had three very significant Final Rules in play at the end of last year. The first one, the CMS Interoperability Final Rules, was back in May. The Transparen…
Blog Post May 10, 2021
To Remain Competitive, Health Plans Must Support Value-Based Care
I recently participated in an AHIP webinar, "Growth and Innovation with a Consumer-First Future," with HealthEdge customer Sal Gentile, CEO and Co-Founder of F…
Blog Post May 05, 2021
Embracing Cloud-Based Technology
Ten years ago, did you expect to see health plans processing claims in the cloud? It’s a significant shift the industry has experienced over the past decade. …
Blog Post May 02, 2021
Health Plan Executives Focused on Aligning IT and the Business
A recent survey of more than 220 health plan executives—conducted by HealthEdge in partnership with independent market research firm Upwave—revealed that …
Blog Post April 26, 2021
Smooth Implementations Require Collaboration
A health plan’s internal culture can make or break an implementation.  As a business consultant, I have worked on several different implementations thr…
Blog Post April 22, 2021
Realizing Investment Return Through Business Transformation Prioritization
A key variable in optimizing IT investment is the willingness and capacity to transform complex business processes and organizational structure. In short, the …
Blog Post April 19, 2021
10 Ways for Payers to Keep Up with Healthcare’s Digital Disruption
The healthcare industry is striving to successfully leverage digital technologies to create more intelligent and responsive products and services, improve expe…