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Blog Post June 03, 2020
Health Plans Caring for Their Communities
In the wake of the COVID-19, health plans across the country have had to respond to a multitude of ongoing changes in a short amount of time. Here are some exa…
Blog Post May 21, 2020
Postcard from Salem: We are Building a Diverse Organization, Are You Ready to Join?
Diversity and inclusion are essential components of HealthEdge’s recruitment and retention efforts. At HealthEdge, we see diversity is a competitive advantage …
Blog Post May 04, 2020
HealthEdge, Here for You - a Reliable Partner in Times of Disruption
With constant change in the healthcare sector, our customers have always relied on us to follow through, help them with opportunities and challenges, and deliv…
Blog Post March 20, 2020
Best Practices: COVID-19 Configuration Guidance for HealthRules Payor
The international COVID-19 outbreak has introduced unforeseen changes and uncertainty to all parts of our lives. HealthEdge is taking the health of our employe…
Blog Post March 18, 2020
Important Customer Update
HealthEdge’s Commitment to Customers  The international COVID-19 outbreak has introduced unforeseen changes and uncertainty to all parts of our lives. …
Blog Post March 04, 2020
Postcard from Dallas: What’s Setting Medicare Advantage Plans Apart
Changing CMS regulations, benefits and challenges of narrowing provider networks, tapping front-line staff to share the pulse on Medicare Advantage membership,…
Blog Post February 25, 2020
Postcard from Phoenix: Addressing SDoH in Medicare Advantage Plans
At the recent Medicare Advantage Leadership Innovations conference in Phoenix, AZ, individuals from health plans, health systems, provider organizations, commu…
Blog Post January 10, 2020
Payers and Consumers: The Path Ahead
Healthcare payers have a long history of thinking of themselves as fiduciary entities.  This self-image is changing by necessity, as consumers become incr…
Blog Post November 13, 2019
Key Takeaways from HLTH
Last week over 6,000 attendees primarily in the healthcare space descended on Las Vegas for the second annual HLTH show. It’s safe to say that HLTH is here to …
Blog Post October 29, 2019
Scary Tales from the HealthEdge Crypt
Halloween is just a few days away and with the candy and costumes also come creepy scary stories. Healthcare can be a scary thing to navigate, and it doesn’t h…
Blog Post October 01, 2019
Three Key Takeaways from AHIP’s National Conference
Last week in Washington D.C. payer executives, industry leaders and government officials from across the country representing Medicare, Medicaid and Duals line…
Blog Post September 17, 2019
Three Key Takeaways from HCEG Annual Forum
Three Key Takeaways from HCEG Annual Forum Last week in Boston, Massachusetts, health plan leaders, providers and solution vendors from across the country g…