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Blog Post April 15, 2021
Professional Development: Emerging Leaders at HealthEdge
Nearly 125 employees have participated in HealthEdge's professional development program, now referred to as Emerging Leaders. Emerging Leaders is an experience…
Blog Post April 13, 2021
How this Health Plan Cut Costs and Maximized Efficiency
To remain competitive in today’s market, health plans must invest in critical areas such as member satisfaction, care coordination, and adding new lines of…
Blog Post April 07, 2021
Customer Satisfaction: The Key Driver for Success
I recently participated in an AHIP webinar, "Growth and Innovation with a Consumer-First Future," with HealthEdge customer Sal Gentile, CEO and Co-Founder of F…
Blog Post April 05, 2021
An MVP Approach to Ecosystem Design
When I came into the industry, we worked on green screen mainframes, where each function was its own application compartmentalized into silos. For an operation…
Blog Post March 30, 2021
In a Competitive Job Market, How Can Candidates Stand Out?
HealthEdge has hired over 100 people every year for the past three years. In 2020, we added 108 new full-time employees and 22 interns. When other companies in…
Blog Post March 24, 2021
The Core System's Role in Value-Based Care
Recently, I had the privilege to catch Martin Makary, MD, a surgical oncologist, chief of the Johns Hopkins Islet Transplant Center, and author of The Pri…
Blog Post March 22, 2021
Regulatory Highlights: Recent Updates Impacting Payers
Interoperability remains front and center for compliance. HealthEdge continues to focus on the Patient Access API, which has an enforcement date of July 1…
Blog Post March 17, 2021
Rural Health System's Telehealth Opens the Door For Innovation
I serve on the board of a rural health system. Prior to the pandemic, the health system had existing plans to stand up telemedicine to reach remote and underse…
Blog Post March 15, 2021
Interoperability Meets the Safety Net: What to Expect
Like all health plans, Safety Net Health Plans are gearing up for the explosion of data that will come with interoperability. Altruista Health Chief Technology…
Blog Post March 10, 2021
Cloud-Based Technologies for a Competitive Advantage
Unlike a startup or smaller regional plan, many national health plans have grown their businesses by acquiring multiple smaller health plans along the way. Whi…
Blog Post March 08, 2021
Sharing Experiences, Recognizing Unique Perspectives, Building a More Inclusive Workplace
Sometimes, issues people face might not even cross someone’s mind until they are in the same situation and feel the impact. It’s helpful to have ongoing conver…
Blog Post March 04, 2021
Technology Training Key for Retaining Top Talent
Reducing employee turnover and attracting the right talent is a top business imperative for 27.3 percent of health plan IT leaders today. Every time a company …