The entire HealthEdge community mourns the passing of Al Waxman, who served as our Chairman for 15 years and will be sorely missed

The entire HealthEdge community mourns the passing of our longtime Chairman, Al Waxman


Waxman, Albert Sidney ("Al") died June 18, 2020, at age 79, of cancer. Given Al's profound contributions to the healthcare field and his larger than life personality, everyone who knows him recognizes that this is the end of an era. Born in the Bronx, New York to immigrant parents, Al studied math and physics at CCNY. He went on to get a PhD in Engineering from Princeton University and to become a successful inventor, entrepreneur, CEO leader and venture capitalist. Among Al's inventions are the Lithocon silicon storage tube, used in airport scanning systems to detect bombs, and by NASA to capture and store images from the 1969 Apollo 11 landing and the 1971 Mariner IX Mars orbit. Al also developed technology that enabled the first ever diagnostic medical quality images taken with ultrasound. He expanded upon that by developing the first real-time ultrasound machine, which he launched after founding Diasonics, Inc. in 1978. Al and Diasonics also went on to develop and distribute the first commercial MRI machine in 1984. Subsequently, Al co-founded and led American Biodyne, Inc. (aka Merit Behavioral Care), the nation's first behavioral health managed care company. He also founded and served as CEO of Psilos Group, a healthcare venture capital firm; he served as Chairman, CEO and/or Board Member in numerous other companies throughout his successful career. He mentored numerous young CEOs to success. Al was recognizable for his ever-present long flowing hair, his amazing business acumen and his laser wit. His motto was "You expect what you inspect," a phrase that he meant to signify the importance of staying close to one's work, always watching, measuring and taking nothing for granted. More than anything, Al took the greatest pride in his family, including his wife, Margarita Waxman; his 5 children (Lisa Suennen, Tracy Dayton, Alexis Waxman, Yuri Waxman and Alex Munoz), and his grandchildren (Madelyn, Jade and Jillian). Grandfather, Father, Husband, Friend he will be deeply missed.

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Published in the Miami Herald on Jun. 21, 2020.