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White Paper October 19, 2020
Responding to COVID-19: How Are Health Plans Adapting?
Infographic October 19, 2020
Impacts of Sustained Unemployment for Health Plans
Blog Post October 14, 2020
Keeping Information Secure Remains Top Of Mind For Health Plans
Security incidents that involve customer or member data are completely debilitating for a health plan’s business. On average, a data breach costs hea…
Blog Post October 12, 2020
Challenge The Inefficient Status Quo In Claims Administration
Today, many health plans use homegrown or legacy systems that assume manual work as part of the process. With limited automation and integration, organizations…
Blog Post October 08, 2020
Systems That Easily Integrate Necessary For Improving Claims Accuracy Rates
Once a health plan finalizes a claim, they do not want to go back and fix it retroactively. Claims accuracy rates improve productivity, reduce errors, and are …
Blog Post October 06, 2020
Regulatory Compliance For A Competitive Advantage
So many regulations are intertwined; health plans cannot ignore the ones that may seem insignificant. Every year these smaller regulation changes get bigger. …
Blog Post September 30, 2020
Is Your Organization Open To Change?
If an organization is open to change, it will always result in a successful, smoother implementation of new technology. For those who are reluctant to chang…
Blog Post September 28, 2020
An MVP Approach to Member-Centricity
As health plans continue to compete for membership, I have seen a shift in the market toward a focus on member-centricity. Health plans competing to aggressive…
Webinar September 24, 2020
The Impacts of Sustained Unemployment For Health Plans
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused massive unemployment in the U.S.; as a result, the Kaiser Family Foundation estimates that nearly 50 million American workers …
Blog Post September 24, 2020
Measuring IT Investment From A Risk Mitigation Approach (Rather Than ROI)
Most buyers of healthcare/health insurance IT are, by nature, risk-averse. There are very legitimate reasons for concern: IT infrastructure is expensive, compl…
Blog Post September 21, 2020
The Ongoing Search to Reduce Costs, Increase Quality
Those working in health plan operations are always in the fury of the moment. They are focused on what is the next emergency. How many people is that going to …
Podcast September 21, 2020
Breaking Health, Episode #138