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Blog Post September 01, 2021
Value-Based Reimbursement: Collaboration Required to Lower Costs and Improve Care
Our recent consumer survey showed that 47% of the 3,000 respondents postponed care. And of that 47%, 55% delayed routine visits, 39% elective treatment, 32% es…
Video August 27, 2021
HealthRules Language
Learn more about the advantages of the HealthRules Language™ that powers the HealthRules Solution Suite.
Video August 27, 2021
Automation and Accuracy with HealthRules
Claims adjudication is one of the most crucial elements to a core administration processing solution, and its success depends on automation and accuracy. Learn…
Blog Post August 26, 2021
Breaking Down Silos for Improved Member Experience
EHRs, mobile devices, wearables, claims data, and population health analytics can provide enough healthcare insight to improve outcomes at lower costs. But as …
Blog Post August 23, 2021
Why Medicare Advantage Plans Have the Most Satisfied Members
While it may not have been a completely shocking revelation, I was excited to see one of the results of our recent survey of 3,000 consumers indicating that Me…
Podcast August 19, 2021
Breaking Health, Episode #146
John Kao is a seasoned entrepreneur and executive. After beginning his career at FHP International, he then started four other companies in succession: Secure …
Blog Post August 18, 2021
Promoting from Within: How Two Former Interns Climbed the HealthEdge Ladder
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Blog Post August 17, 2021
Finding New Ways to Deliver Care, While Controlling Costs
Existing fee-for-service payment models are not scalable. Across the industry, there is an increasing emphasis on finding ways to deliver quality care while co…
Blog Post August 12, 2021
Looking for an Internship? Three Steps You Can Take to Stand Out
People can work remotely from nearly anywhere in the world today, creating a broad market for internships and giving businesses a large, diverse pool of young …
Infographic August 10, 2021
GuidingCare® Authorization Portal Smooth Out Processes and Strengthen Relationships
Blog Post August 10, 2021
Understanding the Complexity of Healthcare Costs
In a recent survey of 222 health plan executives, when asked, “how do you think COVID-19 will impact health insurance premiums?” 29% said lower, and 25% s…
Infographic August 06, 2021
Prospective Payment Integrity Improves Provider Relationships