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White Paper November 08, 2018
Payers - Data, Data, Data.
Blog Post October 29, 2018
Three take-aways from AHIP's National Conferences on Medicare, Medicaid & Duals 2018
Healthcare executives from all walks of Medicare and Medicaid assembled in Washington D.C. from October 15th through the 18th to discuss and learn from each ot…
Survey October 15, 2018
Voice of the Market Survey Series Health Insurers and Operational Efficiency: Payer Executives Value Technology and Automation, But Are Reluctant to Commit Resources
Blog Post October 12, 2018
How Successful Health Plans are Transforming their Business
The health insurance industry is changing faster today than ever before. The constant introduction of new regulations, changing customer expectations, and the …
Blog Post October 01, 2018
Does Culture Still Eat Strategy for Breakfast?
“What’s the culture like at HealthEdge?” Having spent my career in Human Resources, this is a question candidates always ask me and I love the challenge of …
Webinar October 01, 2018
Webinar Recording: Payers & Providers - How to Create a Win/Win With Critical Data
Blog Post September 17, 2018
Why MACRA Still Matters
Participation rates of eligible providers for MIPS reporting and ACOs are above 90%, according to CMS in a blog post. It sounds good until one realizes that th…
Survey September 11, 2018
Voice of the Market Survey Series: Consumer Trust in Health Insurers Remains High Despite Weariness Over Costs and Missing Services
White Paper August 14, 2018
Whitepaper: Right Info. Right Time.
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Blog Post August 13, 2018
Paying Your Tuition: Failure is the Tuition of Success
One of the most important life lessons my father taught me was that I would only succeed when I stopped fearing failure. Quite simply failure is the tuitio…
Blog Post August 02, 2018
You Can’t Lower Healthcare Costs or Improve Outcomes in a Siloed System
Everyone wants better outcomes and lower costs. It sounds good when people in the industry talk about achieving those ends, but the Triple Aim has been a goal …
Story Sheet July 30, 2018
Agility and Speed Story Sheet