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Blog Post September 16, 2020
Value-Based Care Requires Payer-Provider Collaboration
Payers are increasingly incorporating social determinants of health (SDoH)— biology and genetics, individual behavior, social environment, physical environment…
Blog Post September 14, 2020
Leveraging Real-Time Data for a Meaningful Customer Experience
Health plans know that better member engagement can lead to improved health behaviors as well as enhanced customer satisfaction. That is why they are investing…
Blog Post September 10, 2020
Medicare Advantage Plans – Keys to Success
There are several critical considerations for payers looking to build top quality, high-performing and competitive Medicare Advantage plans. Communication i…
Blog Post September 08, 2020
Analytical Insights Critical for Smart Business Decisions
For health plans with limited resources, cost pressures continue to weigh heavy. Outdated technology and siloed systems can adversely impact operational effici…
Blog Post September 02, 2020
What Would a Do-Over Look Like For The Healthcare Industry?
Ever have the kind of day where you wish you could go back and start over? Press reset so you could avoid the errors you made the first time around? Unfortunat…
Blog Post August 30, 2020
Inefficient Processes Stifle Creativity and Continuous Improvements
Whether it is value-based benefits, episodes of care, or evolving state and federal regulations—without the right technology, health plans will struggle to kee…
Blog Post August 27, 2020
Health Plans Must Prioritize Member Satisfaction
Gone are the days of the traditional, slow, steady insurance business. Welcome the next generation of health insurance, where plans must be fast and agile to p…
Podcast August 25, 2020
Breaking Health, Episode #137
Blog Post August 24, 2020
Don't Fear Change, Build a Culture of Continual Optimization
Health plans that implemented a core administration system twenty years ago and have only taken technical upgrades for two decades struggle to efficiently oper…
Blog Post August 20, 2020
Breaking Down Silos Leads to Better Outcomes and Lower Costs
EHRs, mobile devices, wearables, claims data, and population health analytics can create enough insight for healthcare to improve outcomes at lower costs. But …
Blog Post August 17, 2020
Focused on Innovation? Start with Operational Efficiency
For health plans, operational efficiency could be the first step in their approach to innovation. While it may not be the most exciting aspect of the business,…
Blog Post August 12, 2020
How Successful Health Plans Transform Their Businesses
The health insurance industry is constantly evolving with the introduction of new regulations, the need to adopt value-based reimbursement (VBR) models, and ch…