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Survey July 21, 2021
Consumers Expect More from Their Health Plans: Better Costs, Communication and Customer Service
Blog Post July 21, 2021
Cloud-Based Solutions Improve Efficiency
Industry consolidation is one of the biggest trends in the payer space right now. National health plans might acquire other regional plans or enter a new line …
Podcast July 20, 2021
Breaking Health, Epsiode #145
Mark Frank, CEO and Co-Founder of SonderMind, is dedicated to redesigning behavioral health to become more accessible, approachable and widely utilized. Mark i…
Blog Post July 14, 2021
And the Health Plan IT Survey Says!
A recent study of 245 IT executives at leading health insurance companies revealed that larger health plans are interested in consolidating core syst…
Blog Post July 11, 2021
Partnerships that Drive Quality Care and Improve Patient Outcomes
Like any other organization, communication is crucial for health plans to serve their mission: deliver the best care for their members and improve health …
Blog Post July 07, 2021
In a Digital World, Lessons Healthcare Can Take from the Financial Industry
One of the biggest problems the healthcare industry must overcome is learning to communicate in a digital world. Our systems all speak in different languages, …
Blog Post July 01, 2021
How Can Medicare Advantage Plans Gain Members in a Competitive Market?
11,000+ baby boomers turning 65 every day and become eligible for Medicare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) predicts that Medicare enrollm…
Podcast June 29, 2021
Breaking Health, Episode #144
After losing his Holocaust-survivor dad as a result of three medical errors at a US academic hospital, Raphael Rakowski was driven to start Medically Home. Tra…
Blog Post June 24, 2021
Payment Integrity: Can We Get It Right?
Payers are investing in Payment Integrity practices more than ever before, but inaccuracies continue to plague the healthcare system—contributing to the estima…
Blog Post June 22, 2021
Improve Transactions, Enhance Member and Provider Relationships
Every day, the limitations of legacy systems cause health plans to waste money and time fixing improper payments, leading to strained budgets and relationships…
Blog Post June 17, 2021
Regulation: Innovation Springboard Rather Than Compliance Checkbox
The industry traditionally has addressed compliance requirements by solving for the Rule and waiting for specifics to come out of CMS, or other agencies, befor…
Blog Post June 15, 2021
Business Process as a Service, Redefining the Future Health Plan Operations Model
An uptick in the market trending over the past three years is the Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) model, where health plans outsource their platform and …