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Blog Post March 03, 2022
New CAQH Reports Offers Pandemic Perspective On Adoption Of Electronic Processes
The non-profit organization CAQH® has been issuing a steady drumbeat of reports over the years about how much money and time could be saved across the healthca…
Blog Post March 01, 2022
Giving More: Leadership’s Secret Weapon
We all know at this point we are experiencing a never-before-seen shift in what employees expect from their employers. These changing expectations are especial…
White Paper March 01, 2022
314 Billion Reasons Why Better Data Wins
Blog Post February 24, 2022
Top 5 Tips for Presenting New Software to your Board
In my prior role as a health plan CIO, one of my responsibilities was to evaluate, select, and justify software solutions – and often to prepare materials to s…
Blog Post February 22, 2022
The Role of Good Data in Addressing Health Inequities
Health equity is under discussion throughout the industry, as more and more research demonstrates that the prevalence of bias – even structured into healthcare…
White Paper February 22, 2022
Transforming Healthcare: The Role of Open and Flexible Care Management Systems
Blog Post February 17, 2022
Payers and States Prepare for End of the Public Health Emergency
With the Omicron variant starting to recede and political pressure starting to build to end the Public Health Emergency (PHE), various sectors of healthcare ar…
Blog Post February 15, 2022
Redefining Payment Integrity: From Black Box to Open Book
“How much should a healthcare provider be reimbursed for the services they provided our member?” While a seemingly straightforward question, the answer, un…
Info Sheet February 14, 2022
Source: Our Work with Blues Plans
Case Study February 10, 2022
HealthCheck Case Study
Blog Post February 10, 2022
Some Payers Scramble to Meet COVID Test Rules; Others Pivot Quickly
New federal rules set early in the year mandate that private payers cover eight free FDA-approved COVID tests per member per month as of Jan. 15. The intent is…
Info Sheet February 08, 2022
Patient Education in GuidingCare: Healthwise Integration