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Blog Post November 12, 2020
IT Leaders Agree: For Successful Investments, Align Tech and Business Goals
Technology, especially next-generation technology, plays a massive role in allowing health plans to embrace change, innovate, and remain competitive. However, …
Blog Post November 09, 2020
Improving Provider Relations
Many factors can impact the claims payment process. With so many legacy solutions still present in the market, there is significant opportunity for inefficient…
Blog Post November 04, 2020
Health Plans See Positive Results With Value-Based Care Reimbursement
Value-based reimbursements have been much debated since both houses of Congress overwhelmingly passed the Medicare Access and Children’s Health Insurance Progr…
Blog Post November 02, 2020
The Importance of Patience and Understanding in the Payer Industry
Regional non-profits and health plans wholly owned by hospital systems may be facing challenges in the market today, especially considering COVID-19. Analytics…
Blog Post October 30, 2020
Transparency in Coverage Final Rule and Other Regulatory Highlights Health Plans Need To Know
Transparency in Coverage Final Rule On October 29th, the Transparency in Coverage Final Rule was released and will be published in the Federal Register. We …
Infographic October 28, 2020
Business And IT Leaders Agree: Value-Based Is The Game-Changer
Blog Post October 28, 2020
Never Load In A Fee Schedule Again
For claims and pricing teams, managing fee schedules can be a massive headache. With Medicare undergoing major quarterly updates as well as policy adjustme…
Blog Post October 26, 2020
The Opportunity In Interoperability
I know regulations can seem overwhelming, but if you look beyond checking the boxes to ensure compliance, there is so much opportunity. I always try to remind …
Webinar October 22, 2020
CIO Roundtable: Insights for 2021 and Beyond
No matter how much planning went into 2020, no one could have expected the turn of events this year and its ongoing impact on the health care industry. With to…
Blog Post October 21, 2020
For CFOs, Knowledge Is Power
Health plans face financial decisions every day that impact their bottom line. What terms will make a new provider contract more beneficial? How should a new p…
Podcast October 21, 2020
Breaking Health, Episode #139
While working as a graduate student intern for a clinical documentation company, Jeff discovered his passion for the healthcare industry. He stayed there for 1…
Webinar October 20, 2020
Interoperability: What’s Coming and What You Need to Do
Now, more than ever, the need for data-sharing activity among payers, providers, and patients is necessary to enhance care and improve outcomes. Interoperabili…