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Webinar April 23, 2019
Webinar: Value-Based Reimbursement: At an Inflection Point
eBook April 23, 2019
Value-Based Reimbursement - How we got here, what’s working, and who’s doing it well
Blog Post March 21, 2019
Value-Based: Are Payers and Providers on the Same Page?
The right care at the right time — with payments based not on volume but on value, improved patient outcomes and lower cost. Value-based healthcare just makes …
White Paper March 21, 2019
Whitepaper: Value-Based Reimbursement - A Brief History & The Road Ahead
Blog Post March 13, 2019
Voice of the Market Survey: Value-Based Reimbursement
Despite the uncertainty around the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and other healthcare reform efforts, it’s clear that value-based models are here to stay. What isn…
Survey February 12, 2019
Voice of the Market Survey Series - Health Insurance Executives – The Outlook for Value-Based Reimbursement and Barriers to Success
Blog Post February 04, 2019
Three Takeaways from the 2nd Annual Medicare Advantage Leadership Innovations Conference
On January 28-30, 120 Medicare Advantage health plan executives, industry experts and vendors gathered for the 2nd Annual Medicare Advantage Leadership Innovat…
Market Brief January 25, 2019
Market Brief: Medicare: State of the State
Video January 24, 2019
Aetna Discusses the Trifecta of People, Process & Technology
Webinar January 22, 2019
Webinar Recording: Shattering Legacy IT
Video January 17, 2019
Real-World Examples: Aetna & HealthEdge Partnership
Peter Brown, Senior Director, Product Management and Development at Aetna, discusses how the changing regulations and the need to respond quickly drove Aet…
Market Brief January 09, 2019
Millennials Continue to Challenge the Healthcare Status Quo