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Blog Post May 02, 2021
Health Plan Executives Focused on Aligning IT and the Business
A recent survey of more than 220 health plan executives—conducted by HealthEdge in partnership with independent market research firm Upwave—revealed that …
Survey April 29, 2021
Market Pressures Shifting Priorities for Health Plan Executives
Blog Post April 26, 2021
Smooth Implementations Require Collaboration
A health plan’s internal culture can make or break an implementation.  As a business consultant, I have worked on several different implementations thr…
Blog Post April 22, 2021
Realizing Investment Return Through Business Transformation Prioritization
A key variable in optimizing IT investment is the willingness and capacity to transform complex business processes and organizational structure. In short, the …
Blog Post April 19, 2021
10 Ways for Payers to Keep Up with Healthcare’s Digital Disruption
The healthcare industry is striving to successfully leverage digital technologies to create more intelligent and responsive products and services, improve expe…
Blog Post April 15, 2021
Professional Development: Emerging Leaders at HealthEdge
Nearly 125 employees have participated in HealthEdge's professional development program, now referred to as Emerging Leaders. Emerging Leaders is an experience…
Blog Post April 13, 2021
How this Health Plan Cut Costs and Maximized Efficiency
To remain competitive in today’s market, health plans must invest in critical areas such as member satisfaction, care coordination, and adding new lines of…
Blog Post April 07, 2021
Customer Satisfaction: The Key Driver for Success
I recently participated in an AHIP webinar, "Growth and Innovation with a Consumer-First Future," with HealthEdge customer Sal Gentile, CEO and Co-Founder of F…
Case Study April 06, 2021
Maximizing Next-Generation Claims Administration for Reliability, Agility, and Innovation
Blog Post April 05, 2021
An MVP Approach to Ecosystem Design
When I came into the industry, we worked on green screen mainframes, where each function was its own application compartmentalized into silos. For an operation…
Podcast April 01, 2021
Breaking Health, Episode #141
In his final rotation at Harvard Medical School, Andrew was baffled by how many patients were googling their symptoms to make decisions about whether to seek c…
eBook March 30, 2021
Advantages of an Integrated Ecosystem for Third-Party Partnerships