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Info Sheet December 17, 2021
Ecosystem Enablement: GuidingCare Partner Integrations
Video December 16, 2021
Altruista Health Continuum of Care
Fewer Gaps. Better Care. // When payers and providers have a smooth interface to communicate, the risk for everyone drops dramatically. Medical errors d…
Info Sheet December 15, 2021
HealthRules Promote Data Sheet
Blog Post December 13, 2021
Healthcare Tech Execs Talk About Reimagining Care for Chronic Illnesses
In a recent interview, Stephen Krupa spoke with Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD, founder and CEO of Rimidi. Ide’s focus is on patients with chronic diseases. E…
Case Study December 13, 2021
Case Study: Community Health Options
Blog Post December 09, 2021
Composable Architecture: The Perspective of HealthEdge’s Chief Technology Officers
Have you ever had the unfortunate experience of stepping barefoot on a LEGO®? If you have, your first thought was probably something like AHHH! Not, ‘Wow! What…
Blog Post December 01, 2021
Shifting Regulatory Environment Calls for Vigilance
The machinery of the regulatory world grinds forward and compliance deadlines come and go. The ambitious interoperability and transparency regulations that are…
Infographic November 23, 2021
Download: Secrets of a Successful Care Management Implementation
Info Sheet November 22, 2021
Download: Altruista Health’s Authorization Portal
Blog Post November 18, 2021
Innovation at HealthEdge: Past and Future
The journey of transforming healthcare starts with innovation. At HealthEdge, customers can expect transformational business and IT solutions that drive superi…
Blog Post November 16, 2021
Big Fail #5: Underestimating Long-Term Ownership
If a health plan takes the DIY path, what happens to its knowledge resources over time? In the “build” scenario, an organization owns the product and every cha…
Webinar November 16, 2021
Achieving Success in Care Management through Automation, Integration and Next-Gen Technology
Headquartered in Brooklyn, New York, Elderplan is a well-established, not-for-profit health plan. Elderplan processes nearly 2 million claims annually, serving…