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Achieve Real-Time Transparency

The right information, in real-time.

Accurate real-time data transparency is a must in today’s fast-moving healthcare system. Members expect information 24/7/365, and customer-facing staff are expected to provide answers with confidence and precision. Everyone in the plan must have access to the same information at the same time, and respond to members’ inquiries through their preferred channel. But this is not enough - accurate, actionable, real-time information must be available to everyone involved in the healthcare delivery cycle, including those outside the health plan. Members must have the information required to enable them to quickly and accurately evaluate price, quality and service, and to comply with their recommended care plans. At the same time, providers must have the ability to get the real-time information that will be required for them to play their roles in the new healthcare ecosystem, particularly related to their care of at-risk groups who may be participating in new programs where the providers are rewarded for their ability to help drive a healthier and happier population.

Andy Slavitt on Health Plans' Responsibility for Data Sharing

Andy Slavitt, former Acting Administrator, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, articulates the unique place occupied by payers in the healthcare landscape. In this video, Slavitt explains that payers sit at the intersection of providers, patients and other resources involved in care.

Leading health plans using HealthRules solutions have achieved new levels of transparency and customer satisfaction by providing accurate, real-time information to everyone involved in the care continuum. Customer service representative, care managers, and online resources all provide identical information for financial accuracy as well as member health and well-being. Member engagement is not only met with the right information at the right time, member expectations are exceeded with answers to benefit questions and estimates regarding prospective costs.  

The Dollars & Cents of Poor Member Service:

Poor member service is costing members and health plans lost time and money. Health plans must tune in to the specific needs and wants of their members or risk losing them. 

HealthRules Payor Data Transparency

This video shows how HealthRules Payor can provide real-time information to virtually any stakeholder in an easy-to-digest format and language with options to share general or detailed information quickly.

Actionable Insights

To successfully compete in today’s market, health plans need next-generation technology and access to real-time analytics. Health plans need a reliable core administration system that is easy to maintain and provides operational data to make critical business decisions.