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Configure Your Business With Ease

Today’s dynamic healthcare market means a steady stream of changing customer requirements.


One size fits all no longer applies, and your technology infrastructure must not only keep up, it must have the flexibility to anticipate new customer demands as they present themselves. With HealthRules solutions, you can satisfy your customers’ needs with business analysts in record time, without costly coding. Reconfigure a benefit plan in a matter of hours. In other systems, re-use takes weeks and months of analysis; in HealthRules it comes automatically.

Case Study
Agility & Flexibility in Healthcare Today

AmeriHealth Administrators realized an organizational need for transformation in order to expand and scale the business to new customers. To achieve this, the organization leveraged HealthRules Payor for its agility and flexibility and is realizing significant benefits.

Unlike older core administration systems, HealthRules gives health plans the freedom to easily configure the system for their organization’s unique rules, using familiar terms and business logic that is understood by virtually anyone. The time between when a market need is identified and a new product is launched is significantly less than with any other solution. Reusable components lead to quick time to market and satisfied customers. Additionally, reprocessing in response to an unanticipated change is fully automated for maximum efficiency and the highest rates of accuracy.  The result is delighted customers who are maximizing their revenue with unprecedented speed and efficiency.

Customer Spotlight: Independent Health

Story Sheet
When it Comes to Agility & Speed, Health Plans Must Have it All

Health plans must have the agility to respond to and capture market opportunities successfully. Read how health plan executives take advantage of the HealthRules solution suite to expand their businesses to new markets and customers with speed to market. This story sheet includes real life examples of agility resulting in true success.

HealthRules Payor Reusable Benefit Plan Configuration

In HealthRules Payor, a benefit plan is made up of multiple benefit plan components, which are set up in advance or during configuration and dropped into the interface. This video shows the flexibility to configure or edit virtually any aspect of a benefit component, whether new or existing, via HealthRules Designer.

Configure the Business with Ease

Health plans need systems with built-in flexibility to quickly roll out new benefit plans and do so at a low cost. Legacy systems require time-consuming and costly customizations, which are difficult, if not impossible, to maintain.

The HealthRules Language

Because of the advantages of the HealthRules Language, the HealthRules Solutions Suite delivers health plans of all types and sizes the ability to quickly offer the innovative products the market demands, while simultaneously reducing administrative costs and increasing operational efficiencies.