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Delight Customers With Agility & Speed


Today’s dynamic healthcare market means a steady stream of changing customer requirements.

One size fits all no longer applies, and your technology infrastructure must not only keep up, it must have the flexibility to anticipate new customer demands as they present themselves. With HealthRules solutions, you can satisfy your customers’ needs with business analysts in record time, without costly coding. Reconfigure a benefit plan in a matter of hours. In other systems, re-use takes weeks and months of analysis; in HealthRules it comes automatically.

HealthEdge helps payers of all sizes move past obsolete technology, solutions that do not scale and costly custom products. The time between when a market need is identified and a new product is launched is significantly less than with any other solution. Reusable components lead to quick time to market and satisfied customers. Reprocessing in response to an unanticipated change is fully automated for maximum efficiency and the highest rates of accuracy.  The result is delighted customers who are maximizing their revenue with unprecedented speed and efficiency.