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Maximize Efficiency & Lower Administrative Costs


How are your auto-adjudication rates? What about first pass resolution rate for claims? What percentage of your claims require manual intervention? 

Each of these critical metrics translate to precious resources, both money and people. HealthEdge customers report significant gains in many areas of efficiency and accuracy.  Eliminate waste and costly manual processes with the solutions providing the most reliable results. Redeploy saved resources to innovation projects and other important priorities. HealthRules solutions provide payers with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Challenging tasks such as reprocessing claims are accomplished with ease. Cycle time for claim payment remittance is greatly reduced. Accelerate the performance of your organization, delight your providers and lower overall administrative expenditures with HealthEdge solutions.

Watch Craig Azoff, Vice President of Health Plan Information Services at Elderplan, Inc., a New York-based health plan, in the video below, as he shares the significant benefits enjoyed by Elderplan as a result of utilizing HealthEdge solutions.