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Capture new business opportunities in a competitive landscape.


Whether your organization is looking to expand membership by building an ACO, launching a new line of business, moving into a new geography, or acquiring a new business, you need a technology partner who can move as fast as you. Legacy systems cause expensive workarounds and manual processes that prevent health plans from seizing the next big opportunity.

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Capturing New Business in a Competitive Landscape

McLaren Health Plan had an urgent need to modernize its outdated technology to enable the business to become more efficient and expand. Read how they turned to HealthRules to accomplish these goals.

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Capturing New Business Opportunities

Health plans are under significant pressure to introduce and grow new lines of business but are often handcuffed with inadequate or obsolete core administrative systems. Learn from the experiences of health plans like you to expand membership, increase revenue and control administrative costs to get ahead and stay ahead.

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HealthEdge helps transform health plans looking to grow, innovate and compete beyond any other core system today, making HealthEdge the market leading choice to help drive and facilitate change.