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Is a Traditional Approach to Claims Payments Hurting your Health Plan?

Burgess operates at the intersection of healthcare, finance, and technology. The company helps leading American health insurers and ACOs, with Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial lines of business, set a new standard: Payment Accountability®. The company’s cloud-based platform, Burgess Source, is the only prospective payment integrity solution that natively brings together up-to-date regulatory data, claims pricing and editing, and real-time analytics tools into a single IT ecosystem. This is a transformational approach, allowing payers to make payments with total confidence and make business decisions with real intelligence.

Burgess Source Hidden Gems
Configurability & Automation

Burgess Source enables health plans to have a single configurable solution for both pricing and editing.

Regulatory Compliance

Achieve complete compliance with policy updates delivered automatically with a “once every two-week” update cycle.

IT Relief

As a cloud-based solution, Burgess Source delivers pricing, editing, and analytics with lower maintenance and improved security.

Burgess Source Overview

Learn more about Burgess Source, which is the first solution to natively bring together claim payment automation with business intelligence.

Investing in Accuracy

The healthcare industry wastes $130 billion every year on administrative and process-related complexities. Read our Executive Summary to see how health plans can stay competitive.

7 Reasons to Choose an Integrated Ecosystem

The unique features and capabilities in Burgess Source offer health plans the opportunity to modernize claims processing in an agile, streamlined ecosystem that can deliver big savings by improving workflow automation.

Challenge The Inefficient Status Quo In Claims Administration

Today, many health plans use homegrown or legacy systems that assume manual work as part of the process. With limited automation and integration, organizations spend valuable time and money on administrative tasks that could be simplified.


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