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HealthRules Answers

Understand your business and achieve operational efficiency with leading-edge business intelligence

HealthRules Answers is a transformative  business intelligence solution that transforms the way health plans see and use data in real-time, helping to reduce costs, identify market opportunities, validate new product offerings and support next-generation business models. The solution is easy to deploy, infinitely scalable, and ready to meet the needs of any organization. HealthRules Answers enables real-time integration between all the components of the HealthRules product suite. This provides organizations with a level of flexibility and agility not possible with other solutions. Business leaders can analyze key drivers of business performance, understand the impact of important market changes, and answer “what-if” questions in a way that will help drive a new level of innovation and efficiency.

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Industry changes are creating an imperative for health plans to transform the way they do business. Are you looking to join the growing ranks of leading health plans transforming their place in the dynamic healthcare marketplace?

HealthRules Answers enables company leaders to fully understand, manage and grow their businesses while simultaneously providing important business information to their customers and partners.  The solution helps analyze current business situations, understand trends and investigate potential opportunities.  At the same time, HealthRules Answers provides executives, members, providers and partners with the real-time information they need to be successful.

HealthEdge provides the only modern, enterprise class software platform for health plans. HealthRules is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, which means lower costs, faster implementations and upgrades for HealthEdge customers.  Regular software updates deliver valuable new capabilities, allowing health plans to stay current and competitive with the latest market developments, while drastically reducing both IT and operational costs. Our technology infrastructure and industry expertise enable HealthEdge to provide our customers with an ongoing competitive advantage, staying in front of market changes, whether they are of a regulatory or business nature.