The HealthRules Language

Your Rules, In Your Language

The HealthRules Solution Suite is powered by the HealthRules Language,™ a patented, English-like healthcare-specific vocabulary, and the heart of a next-generation approach to your core administrative processing system. With the HealthRules Language, health plans define the rules, terms and business logic that is easily understood by everyone who touches the application.

 The HealthRules Language provides health plans with an easy, intuitive way to model their business, making reliance on complex system configurations and complex custom code obsolete. The HealthRules Language can be run and supported by businesspeople, taking much of the burden off of your IT function. And configurations and changes are done in significantly less time than before. With the HealthRules Language, it’s your plan’s unique rules, using your terms, and business logic that is easily understood by everyone.

The HealthRules Language

Because of the advantages of the HealthRules Language, the HealthRules Solutions Suite delivers health plans of all types and sizes the ability to quickly offer the innovative products the market demands, while simultaneously reducing administrative costs and increasing operational efficiencies.

See it to believe it:

HealthRules Language
The unique characteristics of the HealthRules Language include:
  • Fast, flexible, and accurate configuration capabilities
  • Business analysts specify and perform configuration tasks, not just IT personnel
  • Build re-usable categories, components, and user-defined terms to easily construct new products and benefits
  • Reduce administrative costs and increase operational efficiency
  • Adapt quickly to changing business, market, and regulatory dynamics
HealthRules Payor Reusable Benefit Plan Configuration

This video shows the flexibility to configure or edit virtually any aspect of a benefit component, whether new or existing. Viewers will learn about how benefit provisions are written using HealthEdge’s patented HealthRules Language and are easy to understand by all users and stakeholders. The video also touches upon how HealthRules affords health plans a wide breadth of configuration options and flexibility for the development of value-based products.

Configure The Business
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