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Implementation Services

We get you up and running.

A successful HealthEdge customer begins with an effective implementation but doesn’t end there. HealthEdge teams ensure that your implementation is successful by working closely with your staff to take the risk and variability out of your project. We are committed to thoroughly understanding your business, including the reasons why you chose to make a significant transformation.   

HealthEdge works closely with customers on the key success criteria for an implementation, starting with configuration and integration. Critical project milestones are established, and key touch points with other systems are considered. We will also ask that you the customer to designate a team, set up governance practices, and collaborate with us on how best to drive change through your organization.

Successful implementations result from closely examining and optimizing a combination of people, process and technology.

HealthEdge experts work with you to

  • Ensure that your staff receives the training they need to maximize their effectiveness
  • Ensure you get up to speed on the technical capabilities of the HealthRules solutions
  • Emphasize the skill sets needed to attain success, such as the difference between claims processing and claims analysis

Based on our experience with health plans like yours, HealthEdge staff is also equipped to share best practices with customers, including how to best utilize the transformational nature of the HealthRules technology for your business objectives. In many cases current processes are evaluated and we work with you to create improved processes that take full advantage of HealthRules technology solutions. In all situations, your objectives drive the engagement.  

HealthEdge’s goal is for our customers to leverage the power of HealthRules for competitive advantage, lower costs and greater member satisfaction.  

HealthEdge teams work with all types of customers, on many different lines of business, and with plans of all sizes.