HealthRules Payor

Grow Your Business and Improve Margins

Healthcare payors must use new technology to differentiate themselves and remain competitive in the emerging, consumer-centric marketplace, reduce unnecessary costs and increase customer satisfaction. Many payors are asking themselves:

  • Can my organization quickly take on new business?
  • Is my organization still manually processing a significant percentage of our claims?
  • Does it take months or even years for us to roll out new products?

HealthRules Payor is a next-generation claims and benefits administration solution that was designed to help payors of all types and sizes quickly and efficiently address the ever-changing business imperatives of today’s healthcare economy. What makes HealthRules Payor different from any other solution on the market is its use of the patented HealthRules LanguageTM, a revolutionary new approach to configuration that provides payor organizations, for the first time, with the ability to quickly and easily configure anything they can imagine.

HealthRules Payor enables organizations to:

  • Rapidly respond to new business opportunities and market changes in hours, not weeks or months, while reducing costs and increasing operational efficiencies
  • Confidently take on any type of new business and fully automate your existing lines of business using the unlimited flexibility of the HealthRules Language
  • Quickly and easily create rich plan offerings and increase your speed to market with new, innovative products that will allow you to gain an edge over the competition
  • Provide unmatched customer service and give your members the cost and quality information they need to be better informed
  • Maximize your business agility using a modern platform that was designed to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing healthcare marketplace
  • Achieve the highest possible auto-adjudication rates in the industry