HealthRules Portal

Healthcare payors must find ways to better connect everyone involved in the healthcare delivery cycle in order to thrive in the new healthcare economy.

Clear and consistent communication with members, providers, employer groups and brokers is now a critical differentiator for those who wish to be considered market leaders. HealthRules Portal allows payors, for the first time, to truly link everyone involved in healthcare delivery. Unlike other “one-size-fits-all” offerings, HealthRules Portal provides a rich set of tools that can be used either together, or separately, to deliver a solution that will meet each payor’s specific needs:

  • Streamline interactions with members, employers, providers and brokers
  • Offer superior levels of partner and customer service
  • Increase agility and efficiency while reducing costs
  • Compete like never before, using a next-generation solution that was built to address the needs of the new healthcare economy

Unlike other offerings, HealthRules Portal was designed to be deployed as either a complete, end-to-end solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual payor, or as a set of components that can be embedded into existing portals to provide significant new levels of capacity and functionality. Payors that wish to leverage their existing portal investment, or who would like to transition to a new portal platform over time, have the ability to use only the HealthRules Portal features they require today, and then expand their use of the HealthRules Portal functionality based upon their ongoing business needs.

Business Benefits

  • Dramatically increase business efficiency by enabling new levels of customer and partner self-service
  • Provide your members with the cost and quality information they need to become better informed consumers
  • Significantly enhance both partner and customer satisfaction by providing them with real-time access to the data and features they need
  • Use only the HealthRules Portal functionality that you need today, expanding your use over time based on market demand
  • Differentiate your organization from the competition by providing access to advanced functionality that is simply unavailable when working with other solutions
  • Maximize your business agility using a modern, enterprise-class platform that was designed to meet the needs of today’s rapidly changing healthcare marketplace