Hidden Gems

Agility & Go-To-Market

HealthRules Payor allows health plans to design and implement any type of benefit plan or provider contract in less time and lower cost than with other systems. New business models, such as additional lines of business and value-based arrangements, are easily configured for rapid time to market. Business analysts can configure to accurately reflect business requirements, minimizing the need for IT resources. Faster time to market for new products, services, and reimbursements, translates to increased membership, higher customer satisfaction, and regulatory compliance for government programs.

Agility and flexibility are necessary to enable rapid changes to benefit plans and provider contracts, allowing for many variations in a short period of time. With HealthRules Payor’s ease of configuration and componentized design, health plans enjoy a competitive advantage over the hard-coded, custom configurations required for legacy systems.

The 'Edge Report
Focused on Innovation? Start with Operational Efficiency

For health plans, operational efficiency could be the first step in their approach to innovation. While it may not be the most exciting aspect of the business, achieving operational efficiency will enable them to remain competitive in the long-term.

New Business Models

The HealthRules® Payor core administration processing solution drives new levels of automation, speed and accuracy, enabling customers to reach unparalleled levels of operational efficiency in the face of shifting market dynamics.

Other Hidden Gems
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Benefit & Contract Modeling

HealthRules Payor empowers health plans to model benefit plans and provider contracts

Network Design

HealthRules Payor network design options are highly flexible to support easy and rapid configuration