Cloud Operations

HealthEdge’s Cloud hosting offering is designed to provide the optimal environment for our customers to run their HealthRules applications and achieve the highest levels of reliability and availability possible at the lowest possible cost. HealthEdge builds in security and compliance from the ground up, ensuring the data and the applications running in our Cloud are protected and available when our customers need them.

HealthEdge offers easily-scalable and configurable implementations that can be customized based on client specifications and needs. Additionally, HealthEdge employs expert resources who professionally manage installations and provide seamless integration when it comes to running the product suite on a daily basis, complete with 24×7 monitoring and service level agreements to ensure that customers’ needs are fully addressed.

HealthEdge has developed a custom technology architecture for HealthRules applications which enables customers to yield the most efficient operation of the product suite.

The Cloud Operations data center infrastructure is engineered to provide a seamless, high performance, and stable hosting experience. We leverage top tier data center co-location providers, use the fastest storage available on the market, a modern blade server architecture, and network equipment and bandwidth for our applications and customers to leverage. Our data centers together form a single logical Cloud, allowing us to fail over between them in the event of a site loss or other catastrophic event.