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Blue Cross Blue Shield

Next-generation core administration and care coordination solutions for Blue Cross & Blue Shield health plans.

It takes people, process and technology to effect significant change. To move an organization forward, leaders who embrace new ways of working along with the necessary infrastructure and skill sets serve as important catalysts for business and cultural transformation.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Partnership

HealthRules Payor supports all aspects of the BlueCard® program. Our collaboration with PlanConnexion® ensures that we use the highest standard of hosting services. Our capabilities tied to PlanConnexion helps Blue Cross Blue Shield plans shorten the time to go-live, ensure a smooth transition and a successful implementation.

BCBS health plans with HealthRules solutions achieve maximum operational efficiency by modernizing technology to help eliminate waste and maximize the use of available resources. HealthEdge also assists BCBS plans to lead the charge in offering plans in new geographies, launching new lines of business and aggressively expanding membership.

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Solutions for Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans

Next-generation core administration and care coordination can transform your Blues plan to stay competitive. It takes people, process and technology to effect significant change.

Download the info sheet to learn how to move your Blues organization forward along the path of business and cultural transformation with HealthRules.

Market Brief
Core Administration for Blue Cross & Blue Shield Plans

Industry changes are creating an imperative for Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans to transform the way they do business. What was once status quo has now become a dynamic, fast-moving landscape. 

White Paper
Resiliency to Change is Key to Success for Blues Plans

As the healthcare industry continues to change, Blues organizations have an opportunity to transform their businesses to be more flexible than ever before. How will your organization adapt to changes in U.S. healthcare policy, continued evolution of payment models and an increasing need for Blues plans to be nimble to stay competitive?