CIO Roundtable: Insights for 2021 and Beyond

No matter how much planning went into 2020, no one could have expected the turn of events this year and its ongoing impact on the health care industry. With today's current challenging landscape, technology executives at health plans are grappling with what it means for their organizations both now and in the future. Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have a critical role in defining the future and ensuring their health plan can effectively compete. 

In this webinar, our CIO roundtable explores the current and future state of payers' technology, strategic initiatives, and what they prioritize when making critical decisions. The panelists provide their analysis of HealthEdge's independent Voice of The Market Survey- Modernizing Infrastructure the New IT Mandate.

The panel, moderated by HealthEdge Account Executive Len Rosignoli includes HealthEdge customers Eric Decker, SVP of Information Technology and CIO at Independent Health and John Church, VP and CIO at NeuGen.

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Why are keeping costs low and reducing administrative burdens so important to health plans as they lean into their core administration systems? Hear directly from these technology leaders as they dive into the results of our recent survey and offer insight into what it means for health plan technology priorities in 2021.