Ranked #1 in KLAS®

HealthRules Payor® Named Best in KLAS 2022

HealthRules Payor has been named “Best in KLAS” by KLAS Research for claims administrative processing system (CAPS). The designation is awarded by KLAS based on in-depth interviews with payers using the platform.

KLAS Report Shows HealthEdge® Leads Market in New Wins

Reveals strengths in customer satisfaction, technology, and value.

A KLAS Performance Report spotlights HealthEdge as the most often selected vendor in a survey of 26 unique payor organizations that purchased new core administration platforms (CAPS) in the 24 months preceding September 2021.

KLAS Report
KLAS Performance Report Summary

Learn why HealthEdge was the most selected CAPS vendor

Press Release

HealthEdge's HealthRules Payor Ranked #1 in CAPS and names 'Best in KLAS'

HealthRules Payor Data Sheet

Next-generation CAPS providing transformational capabilities

Customer Comments

“HealthEdge is always developing. That is one of the reasons we picked them as a vendor. They are always forward-thinking and trying to develop." Vice President/ Other Executive, August 2021

In terms of tangible outcomes with "HealthRules Payor, we were able to migrate off a legacy system successfully, and we were trying to do that for decades…” Manager, August 2021

"HealthEdge appears to be at the forefront of the industry. There is new legislation coming out, and the vendor is proactively updating their solution to support some of the mandated functionality. HealthEdge proactively reaches out to their clients through different forums to get input, form solutions, and raise awareness.” Vice President/Other Executive, August 2021